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         7:00am Mass (English)

         10:30am High Mass 1962 Missal (Latin)

                 * 1st Sunday 2002 Missal

         12:30pm Mass (Spanish)

          7:00pm Mass (English)

Monday - Friday:

          7:00am Mass1962 Missal

          8:00am Mass (English)


          7:00pm Mass1962 Missal​


          7:30am (English)

          8:30am (1962 Missal)

Sacred Heart Church

730 South 12th St.Springfield, IL 62703

9:00am Mass (English)

We also offer the Ordinary Form (OF) of the Mass in English and in Spanish.

We are the home of both the Latin Mass (a.k.a. the Extraordinary Form of the Mass) and the "Last Chance Mass," a 7 p.m. Mass on Sunday night.

St. Katharine Drexel Parish offers the most diverse liturgical schedule in the Diocese of Springfield, IL.

We offer Mass in both the Ordinary Form (OF) and the Extraordinary Form (EF).

St. Patrick Church

1720 S. Grand Ave. E., Springfield, IL 62703

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